18 April 2009

Paris in Words, Trains + Images

Here are Pictures from Our First Two Days in Paris

Graffiti to Go
This is the First Thing You See After Walking up 12 Flights of Stairs at the Abesse Metro Stop
Notice the Delirious Look in their Faces. They Obviously Didn't Take the Elevator Either
Crossword Puzzle Metro Stop
Perfect Courtyard
The Cold Rain Awaits Us
Inside I.M. Pei's Triangle
I Was Trying to Think of the Last Time I Saw People Taking Wedding Shots at the Museum, and Quickly Realized I'd Never Seen it Before
Notice How Art Predicts Reality + Reality Mimics Art
Da Vinci in Drag? Knowledge of Sexual Crimes + Misdemeanors? Wearing No Underwear for This Portrait? Only La Joconde Knows for Sure
This is When They Kicked Us Out, an Hour After We Paid
Sometimes Beauty Hurts Your Neck
I Prefer Her Profile
26 Dollars for 50 minutes Comes Out to Almost 50 cents a Minute! Fuck Practicing Law or Writing the Next Great American Novel, Shit, I Need to be a Museum
Damn, We Can Be Cute when We Wanna Be
I Was Waiting for Someone to Try + Slide Down That Thing
Another Perfect Courtyard Shot
The View as We Approached
It Looks like LB is Praying or Something
The Mass Exodus Should Have Been the First Clue
This Is Just My Dacha
Majestic Garden
American Tourists, Pretending to Be Aesthetes
Pilgrimage to Art
The Seine
I Spot a Bateau-Mouche
This is Obviously Not the Louvre
And We Weren't Even Looking for It
I Had the Same Thought at Place de la Concorde that I Did after Seeing Buenos Aires' Ersatz Obelisk: Put a Condom on That Damn Thing. It's Obscene
Girl with a Red Umbrella
Metro Shot
Metro 2 Shot
LB, reloading
A Little Restaurant in Montmartre
Montmartre 2
Montmartre 3
There's Porn Stores, and Then There's Porn Buildings
LB + I at Our First Vegetarian Restaurant in Paris
Peeps, Probably Waiting 40 Minutes for a Menu
Quaint, Warm + Cozy
I Can Love Any City Where People Just Write Their Favorite Quotes on the Walls
Walking to Sacré Coeur
Sacré Coeur Profile
Sacré Coeur Head Shot
My Name Is. . .
Paris Streets 1
Paris Streets 2
The View from Our Room
Another Angle

A Building We Passed After Walking in the Wrong Direction for the Second Time
Gare du Nord
Aboard the RER Train
This is How You Know You're in Europe: A Wall of Electronic Train Schedules


Still Life in South America said...

Your pictures and stories of Paris make me giddy. I'm so glad you both have covered so much ground in so little time.

I would never get tired of looking at the Eiffel tower. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Be safe--you've probably already gone through the toughest crap from the sound of it.

JACKSON BLISS 水と魂 said...


Yeah, I think you're right. So far, LB + I are doing great. Paris is even more beautiful than I remember it, and I have to say, it's really nothing like Buenos Aires (that whole Paris of the south deal is a false juxtaposition). Here it's cleaner, older, more charming; there isn't dog shit everywhere; the sidewalks aren't falling apart; I don't see trash on the sidewalk; there's probably pollution, but we're not aware of it. There are black people + Indians, Arabs + Asians--which is so rad. The subways are air-conditioned, not to mention they arrive on time. There's chocolate croissants on every block. Frankly, it's heaven. Bisous.

Bea said...

there isn't dog shit everywhere? The subways are air conditioned? You must be in a different Paris than the one I lived in 5 years ago ;-)
I think you are just looking at it with romantic eyes.
Enjoy your stay!

JACKSON BLISS 水と魂 said...


I know what you're saying, and of course you're partially right about that. But, and this is a huge but, after Buenos Aires, I notice things that I didn't notice the last time I was in Paris. There was so much dog shit in my neighborhood in Buenos Aires that it was practically a minefield. Whereas here, I def see it, but it's nothing compared to the residential areas of BsAs. Also, I know this sounds crazy, but the subway we took yesterday was air-conditioned, and it felt amazing. Maybe it was a new one, I'm not sure. All I know for certain is that the subway in Buenos Aires is so hot for 8 months of the year, that people are full out sweating their asses off. Sometimes people pass out. And almost every Argentine we know describes the Subte as a baño turco. So, comparatively, Paris is a godsend. Also, it's much much cleaner here, the buildings aren't falling apart, the sidewalks are paved, there isn't construction on EVERY corner, or 300 different buses belching carbon monoxide into the air. Hell, even today, LB + I were noticing how clean and happy Parisian dogs are, compared to Argentine ones that are dirty, usually scruffy + totally tail-down. Of course I may be idealizing here, but since some people call BsAs the "Paris of South America," essentially begging a comparison, I've learned recently that this juxtaposition is an insult to Paris. Paris is way cooler than I remember (and I remember it being cool). So there you have it. Now, compared to Montréal, Paris probably seems dirtier, and I'm sure people pick up their dog's poop there, but compared to Argentina, Paris is all sui generis + no imitation.

tinatangos said...

I would love to hear your take on the food!!!

JACKSON BLISS 水と魂 said...


Here it is in condensed version: it's possibly some of the best food I've ever had in my entire life. You could live on the baguettes alone. And the chocolate mousse, éclairs, fruit tarts, potage soups, provençal food, the wine, even the organic gourmet foods + veggie restaurants, not to mention the Thai restaurant we ate at tonight, I honestly think that Paris has some of the best food in the whole world. The gold standard is high high high here. I'm sorry, but it kicks Buenos Aires' ass in such a major way, and good food isn't expensive here like it was there--delicious food for the masses!