01 May 2009

Chill in Madrid

Today was chill, and that’s exactly what we wanted. We slept in, got dressed, went to our fave little café on Fuencarral (café cotidiano) + ordered another fresh—not to mention, massive—smoothie, two spinach hojaldres + a hot, chocolate-covered brownie + all for less than 11 Euros. Then we walked Plaza España, ate our modest lunch of bread (which was hard to come by today since it’s el día de trabajador), the remaining olives left over from Paris, the remaining syrup waffle cookies left over from Amsterdam, some weird bacon-flavored cheetoes (still vegetarian) + some fruit juice we bought here in Madrid.

Afterwards, we tried to walk to Jardín Ferraz, but got lost and ended up at Jardín de Sabatini, then Casa de Campo before retracing our steps + finding our way up a hundred, strangely-spaced steps. At the park, we took it easy + talked, watched teenagers making out on the lawn and finally made our way to Templo de Debod, which, to be honest, was probably the biggest let-down in Madrid. I don't know what I was expecting, but those three slabs of stone in the shape of a giant staple wasn’t it. Finally, LB + I walked back to Sol, and finally ordered bocadillos at this hole in the wall joint right across the street from our hotel. We got what we paid for, I’ll just say that. The bread was stale, the dude basically charged us for sauce (salsa brava + mayonnaise), and was generally unfriendly to me. But it was still the cheapest dinner we’ve had yet in Europe (nine Euros), so I’m not going to complain, even though it’s tempting. And now, after a terrible shower + listening to French teenagers slamming doors, shouting in the hallways + gossiping underneath the camouflage of whisper, I think we’re leaving Madrid at the right time. But we’ll be back some day (besides next Saturday, I mean). I’m just not sure when yet.

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