06 May 2009

Destroying My Feet in Casablanca

Ah, feet. How much doth I destroy thee. Today we walked so much through Casablanca in the deceiving Moroccan heat that once we returned to our hotel in the early afternoon, I fell asleep almost immediately. It was kinda strange: I put my hands above my head + then I just disappeared into my dreamworld. Here are some highlights of the day:

1. We walked to Le Quartier des Habous, which was basically an artificially created Medina invented by the French to resolve overcrowding in Casablanca. What’s great about this quartier is that there are just hundreds of shops selling traditional Moroccan clothes: triangle-toes shoes, pastel hijabs, belegant urqas, formal, embroidered gowns + tunics. I bought a beautiful, sage green skullcap there for only 15 Dirhams. That place was really fascinating

2. We tried looking for the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, but got lost too many times + ended up abandoning the search

3. LB + I bought some traditional Moroccan desserts—cornes de gazelle (these amazing pastries filled with almond paste, cinnamon, orange zest, confectioners' sugar + orange blossom water)

4. Then we walked for at least an hour (not deliberately), searching for Place de Mohammed V. It’s a landmark, nothing else.

5. We ate fantastic Chinese food, (Chop Suey + Shrimp Fried Rice), exhausted + overwhelmed. To give you an idea of how hot we were, we drank a whole Liter of water + haven’t gone to the bathroom once today.

6. We binged on the expensive Moroccan desserts mentioned in #3 before our accidental two-hour siesta

7. We checked our email + then walked to the Taverne du Dauphin + ate great calamari, breaking our veganish diet vow for at least the hundreth time this year (we’re not going vegan again until we’re back in Chicago, in case you’re wondering)

8. Shower + Sleep

Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy!

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