24 May 2009

The Endlessness of Paris

What's amazing about Paris is its endlessness. No matter how many times you come back to Paris, and this is something like our fourth time here in the past month, Paris is an endless city, a continuous volume of unfolding stories that not only affect one another during your trip, but change with each revisit like Borges' Libro de Arena. The temperature, the white light + the shadows that buildings cast, the choice of café, arrondissement + connecting street, even the art + wine that you consume on that particular day changes this city's appearance, the way it tastes, its texture. Paris is never the same city, too insecure to be anything less than beautiful. In fact she cannot be the same city, she doesn't want to be, afraid of her own silence, insipidness, boredom, she is addicted to nuance + tradition, modernity + timelessness, losing you within the folds of her dress. Paris is protected by her endlessness, she is made more beautiful by her inaccessibility, constrained + breathless by her own design.

Today we:

1. Walked inside Sacré Coeur, before taking fotos from on top of the hill

2. Scaled the vertical streets of Montmartre, both during the day + at night

3. Watched a movie being filmed

4. Ate yet another perfect baguette

5. Drank hot chocolates at the Café de Deux Moulins, the famous café where Amélie was filmed

6. Walked through a Parisian Farmer's Market

7. Spedwalked through Les Halles--I kinda hate that part of Paris

8. Spent some time near the Centre Pompidou, before we went inside the bookstore, where I bought a moleskine + a short book by Roland Barthes (in French)

9. Stared at the Bastille for like three seconds

10. Ate some of the best vegetarian Chinese food I've ever had, and that includes my two favorite Chinese vegetarian restaurants on Pell Street and in the LES in NYC

11. LB + I ate two incredible pains au chocolat

12. We made love while it rained, then managed to salvage the rest of the day exploring another side of Paris neither of us had ever seen, walking from the Jules Joffrin Metro stop all the way down past the 1ere arrondissement

Here are some new pictures from our day:

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