08 May 2009

Sitges Is Like the French Riviera, But Without French People

Lb + I found this inexpensive, three-star hotel in Sitges by accident while looking for cheap hotels in the greater Barcelona area. Sitges, as it turned out, is a 25-minute train ride from the city center + right on the Mediterrean Sea. It’s charming, quaint, pretty, tranquil + totally unpretentious. It’s like the anti-French Riviera: no dramatic Frenchies or inflated tourist prices, no celebrity glitz or paparazzi. Not only that, but our hotel is actually ten steps from the beach, and somehow cost less money than staying in Barcelona Proper. Yo, we are blessed indeed. So, for our first day, we explored Sitges. That way, we won’t feel guilty spending the next three days wandering around Barcelona. After slumming the vida loca in a bunch of one-star hotels with shared bathrooms, loud (read: pubescent) French teenagers slamming doors, permanently damp sheets, drunk Greek tourists flicking the hallway lights on + off at four in the morning, push-button showers + German guys pissing with the door open, I have to say, our hotel room feels like a Sultan’s palace. The bathroom itself, makes me want to cry + the sound of ocean waves in the background is fucking mesmerizing.

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