06 May 2009

The Third Largest Mosque in the World, The Little Thief + Our Blue Oasis

After walking to the Hassan II Mosque, which was just too large—not to mention stunning—to capture with my sad, little point and shoot dcam, LB + I dodged this deranged little pickpocket who kept plopping down ten feet away from us, eyeing LB’s purse from the corner of his eye. Ten cuidado con tu cartera, I told her, every time I felt his little eyes scanning the bulges in the purse. When we couldn’t take it anymore, we walked to the beach, where el ladronito eventually followed us again after a half an hour, our cue to leave for sure.

We walked back to our hotel, stopping my La Sqala on the way to eat a light snack. La Sqala was a former defense encampment. Now, the lushly blue café Mauré is there: there were gurgling fountains, a gazebo, blossoming trees, blue tilework + a trellis. It was idyllic, especially after our walk in the sun. For food, we ate small, flavorful dishes of lemon lentils, mint hummus, red pepper + artichoke, cucumber + tomato salad, a bowl of seasoned Moroccan olives, soft, traditional Moroccan bread + a perfect smoothie of strawberry, pineapple, peace + cardamom. For dessert, we indulged in fresh pineapple, kiwi, apple s+ banana slices, dipping each piece into a bowl of melting chocolate. It was—how can I say this?—fucking fantastic. And all for less twenty-eight dollars.

At the hotel, we drank more Moroccan tea + checked our email in the beautiful lounge, softened with Sultan pillows + colored lamps, listening to walls shake as the adjacent café erupted with men shouting after Barcelona scored a goal. Today was simple, kinetic + nurturing, which is ideal after a day of heat, complications + paralysis.


Devin said...

Absolutely love the photos in this article Jackson! I hope LB and you are having a beautiful time and that no more pickpockets accost you or follow you! Best to you as always -your friend in Arizona who wishes he was about anywhere else right now-North Korea perhaps being one exception;-) thanks again for your fantastic blog!!

JACKSON BLISS 水と魂 said...


Thanks, man. We're in Barcelona right now for the next seven hours, so it looks like we'll be okay.

You know, I was thinking about it: if Arizona's not your style--it's definitely not mine, to be honest--what about moving to San Fran, or Portland? They're not that far from you, they're a lot cooler + you'll probably find a great community of peeps there. Just a thought.

Anyway, take it easy. I hope you're well.

Peace, Blessings,