21 September 2009

Getting Played by My iPhone

Now I love my iPhone as much as the next gadgephile, so this is not a diss on the iPhone or on Googlemaps. But the reality is this: after my cultural theory proseminar, I looked up all the apple stores in LA + picked a route to the closest Apple store to SC, + after taking two buses + then walking through a run-down neighborhood, this is where my iPhone told me there was an Apple store:

It was a fucking garage, in the middle of a hispanic neighborhood. + it's not like it used to be an Apple store + now it was I dunno, a place that repairs air-conditioners. No, this place had always been a residential neighborhood + this address has always been a fucking garage.

Yeah, so anyway, I got the hell out of there, walked to LaBrea and Venice + then I took the bus to Trader Joe's. The bottom line: Apple needs to tweak its maps functionality.

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