29 September 2009

When Love is Green Tea (+ a New Mug)

Sometimes, love can be simple: like this light sage Japanese mug that I bought at The Grove in West Hollywood on Sunday that comes in four parts (a mug proper for the tea, the filter that fits into it, the saucer that goes underneath + the lid that keeps the tea hot hot). If you know me, I luv my green tea. It's a simple beautiful ritual of mine much like my old mate ritual in Buenos Aires that gives me antioxidants, polyphenols + more importantly, a passage through time to an unmolested moment of slowness, health + tranquility. There aren't a lot of ways to slow down time besides traveling, love-making + sleep, but drinking green tea is one of them. This is how your body catches up with your mind, where it lingers for a few seconds + remembers that feeling of contact it once had when you were a child + therefore, just an idea.


Fernanda Ibañez said...


I'm big fan of green tea too but i don't have all your fab equipment, sadly.
Lately I think that my English is involuting, maybe the reason is that i absolutely love putear in Spanish or that I just need more practice. I'll work on both options :)

I invite you to read my last post. I'm quite proud of it. It's about a boy desaparecido in democracy.


JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

It was a really well written (+ researched) article. I thought it was really good Fer. You've got a lot of potential as a journalist.

Yeah, to putear, you've got to practice a lot. I remember trying to use clavar correctly in the cafeteria of the Accenture building on Paseo Colon + this totally cute girl stopped + gave me a shocked look. So, learning to swear takes time. Go ahead + practice all you want. By the way, no one uses the words involute except maybe botanists. Good word though.