20 October 2009

Crazy People in LA

I love LA in part because there are so many crazy people here. It really lowers the bar in terms of sanity + self-control. Among some of the spectacles I've witnessed in the past 3 days:

1. A woman walking down Hollywood Boulevard completely nude except for Edenic pieces of lettuce covering her erogenous zones. She carried a sign in her hand that said Justice

2. Yesterday, I was walking to class when I passed a guy in an orange LA county jumper, with a handcuff still hanging from one wrist. He quickly jumped on a motorcycle (+ either hotwired it or used the key, I don't know which) + drove down the sidewalk on Santa Monica Blvd

3. Today, as LB + I were taking the subway to Union Station, a guy with Asperger's Syndrome repeated the instructions of the automated train voice for each station, word for word, in Spanish + English

4. On my way back home from the airport, a different dude belted this to the passengers: all aboard ladies + gentlemen! Welcome to my vessel.

Eventually, a thuggish-looking passenger who referred to me as "blood," when complimenting my tats, starting getting in an argument with the make-believe train conductor:

--How many people believe he works for Metro?
--You're acting childish.
--Nigga, I'm being straight. How many people believe he works for Metro? Anyone?
--You don't know how to be a playboy.
--Nigga, I'm a hustler.
--All aboard! Ladies + Gentlemen, welcome to my vessel.
--How many people believe he works for Metro? Huh?

And then I got off. . .

5. Saturday, walking past Grauman's Chinese Theater, guys in Spiderman, Joker, Pirates of the Carribean, Hercules + Creepy Michael Jackson costumes, swarmed us, poking LB with balloon swords (+ no, that's not an euphemism). Fuck, actually that was the most normal part of the week too.


Sarah said...

Once again, god bless the midwest.

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

In all fairness:

I've met just as many crazies in the Chi as I have in NYC or LA.

If anything, I'd argue it's better to know beforehand that you live in a city with some people that are just downright crazy than to think you're living in a normal space where you're the only person who's a little bit fucked up. I love Chicago. I call it my home, but it messed with my mind for years that Chicagoans appear to be sane, are known for being normal + it's this idea of normalcy that makes normal people like me feel well, completely fucked up. At least here in LA, the assumption is that everyone is a little bit out there, which is healthy assumption to make because you feel like you're not that crazy after all. Or no more crazy than then next starving actor or dream-shattered director. Frankly, I think this is way more healthy than hiding your crazy. I'll take a certain level of explicitness any day over the role-playing game of normalcy. At least you know what's up.

Lover of Nature said...

Nice to find your blog again. I'm hooping to start my PhD studies next fall in Molecular Biology. Best of luck!

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...


Good luck with that. Did you spend some time in BsAs before you decided to commit to your PhD? Just curious + best of luck with the whole application process.

Peace, Blessings,