18 October 2009

Eating Vegan Japanese Food in LA

Being Japanese-American + a vegan is a cruel cruel thing to be (not to mention a prickly oxymoron). Japanese people are pescaphiles (actually, first and foremost they're oryzaphiles--rice lovers). So, trying to stay true to my cultural heritage while also following my personal diet is basically a pain in the ass.

Little by little, LB + I are finding places where's it's possible to be both. I'm not trying to give a promo of this place, but I absolutely love the owners of Shojin. + on top of that, the food rocks. Tucked inside a mall in Littly Tokyo, Shojin knows what's up. The caterpillar maki (using seitan as unagi) and the avocado tempura salad are Pavlovian bells as far as I'm concerned--so delicious you'll slobber all over yourself in your sleep. The desserts are killer too (the pumpkin chocolate pie + the soy strawberry + chocolate ice-cream are fantastic).

I took LB here last night + we both loved it. Evidently, Shojin loves us too. Here's a pic they took of us + posted on their website. Holla back!


jadepark said...

check out vegan/vegetarian sushi in berkeley/SF! (should you ever visit). cha-ya. ;)

Fernanda Ibañez said...

aguante el asado (?)

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

JP (aka C.),

Okay, I def will.


Qué cosa? De qué asado hablás, mi amiga? No hay asados in Shojin. Joder, me confundes!