16 October 2009

Meeting LB at LAX

As I was waiting for LB at LAX in the US Airways terminal--a journey that takes three trains + a shuttle bus if you're dumb enough to use LA's mass transit--I suddenly realized that Angela Simmons (one of Run DMC's daughters in "Daddy's Girls" if you're a reality television whore) was sitting in one of those universal black leather airport seats with the steel armrests. She (or someone that looked just like her) was fidgeting + irritated. I glanced at her for a second, but only a second (I'm not a starfucker). Later, she looked at me, worried that I was staring at her (actually I was looking at what was going on behind her: a woman that dropped her suitcase + then kicked it). Angela Simmon's friend/cousin/whoever arrived in a baseball cap. Eventually, I lost track of them because. . .

LB magically floated down the escalator + I really thought I might lose it. It's been two and a half months since I've seen her. For two or three seconds, I got to look at her with an objective point of view, as if I was seeing her for the first time + she was even more beautiful + heartbreaking than I remembered. Angela Simmons was attractive, but LB was fucking stunning. Seeing her descend on that escalator was an emotional experience for me. I could have loved her forever the way she felt as she wrapped her arms around me, stuck on the love of intersection. I was delirious + sprung on that moment, caught in a net of madcrazybeautiful love. Sometimes love can be so real it hurts like a fist in your eye, but sometimes love nourishes you + brings you back to a place of wonder, a backyard where fruit hangs from the lowest branches, so ripe it's swollen, practically gushing with the earth's dye.


beachboundbella said...

enjoyed every second of reading this. cheers to love, and you and lb being so damn adorable together... I want to squeeze you both. ha. : )

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

Oh, please do. Group hugs are great. And thanks for checking out my blog. Enjoy the beach. I'll be going there myself soon.

Peace, Blessings,