01 November 2009

Halloween in LA

Today was epic:

1. Met up with Keith + Alex. We drove to Los Feliz, watched half of the SC game in this dark, off-the-radar bar where a guy thanked Alex for playing a country song on the jukebox that was almost awful but not quite

2. Went to Lisa's house, met the family, watched the Trojans get destroyed by Oregon--boo!--talked with Fox + her husband Yale, whose Kentucky accent got stronger + stronger the drunker her got (the culprit: Maker's). By the the time we'd left Lisa's place, Theis (from Denmark) + Yale (from the Republic of Kentucky) had made a united pact of hicks, then all of us claimed we were going to do a road trip to a rodeo on the southern border of California that Alex somehow brainwashed us into signing up for. Then, fuck, I dunno: everyone was making drunk plans to go to Denmark to visit Theis in Copenhagen + to drive to Baja California + rent palapas. It sort of got out of hand. . .

3. Then, we drove to Silver Lake + parked on a 90-degree street + went to this two-house party that two of Alex's friends were hosting. I felt like I was in a movie, like the kind where Ralph Macchio gets jumped by a group of angry Cobracans who are all a little taller, a little cooler + way more wealthy: there were hundreds of people there, all in variously committed costumes, many of them getting down to 80's music + 90's rap. We saw geishas, a dictator, Melanie Daniels with little birds attached to her shoulders, ninjas, maids, a priest, a grunge dude, a fake (real?) cholo with a fake (real?) beard, lots of grim reapers, demons + cat ladies (one with a whip), a guy in a chicken outfit, Olympians, a robot, a rocket, Conan the Barbarian, a frog, a large pickle, Abraham Lincoln, a break dancer, Princess Lea, roller derby girls, a wide assortment of ghouls + zombies (several from "Thriller"), a few insects, a number of schoolgirls (just another pretext for sluttiness, but I'm not complaining), a chainsaw psychopath (complete with fake chainsaw), the Joker, batgirl + a lot of rif-raf too. Strangely enough, Keith + I just happened to wearing very similar-looking burgundy/red soccer zip-ups + dark colored pants (totally accidental but unforgivable too) + the only black dude I saw at the party (besides Keith) walked up to us + said: yo, you guys are like B-boys, right? + we paused for five long seconds + then were like: yeeeeeah, that's what we are. That's exactly what we are. At least I got to dance to an ODB song with Lisa, that was kinda fun

4. Maybe one of the most classic things to do in LA: eat Mexican food (for the second time that night, by the way) at 3:am at El Gran Burrito. Theis asked me what it meant + I was like: um, it means the great burrito. But my vegan burrito was rad. And though the salsa counter both delighted/frightened me (tried really hard not to think about Hep C + disease vectors), when you're starving + it's late + you can't drink anymore, this joint is awesome. If the (very cheap) food doesn't win you over + my burrito was $3.50, by the way, then the people-watching will. We saw a bunch of Asian Heidis dressed in leiderhosen (they looked kinda hot, to be honest), two transvestites (one dressed in a thong), some high school kids, a few fake cholos (real?), a bunch of guys dressed as superheros, several Latino families out for a late snack + some girls dressed as servant girls. It was awesome, man. Here's the salsa bar in all of its amazing glory; so much color + spice. Need I say more?

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