17 November 2009

Isabel Allende Reading

LB + I went to Isabel Allende's reading at SC tonight + I have to say that she was everything I had ever hoped for in author. By that I mean she was:

1. Engagée
2. Passionate
3. Political in the service of humanity
4. Smart + strong
5. Deeply human, vulnerable + personal
6. Moving
7. Intriguing
8. Unapologetic
9. Openly self-critical + playful
10. Inspiring

In a world filled to capacity with team-playing fiction writers who mostly work at universities as tenured faculty, it was such a relief, such an extraordinary pleasure to listen to a famous writer speak boldly about what is most beautiful + most troubling in this world. She was critical, spunky, powerful, delightful, honest, inspiring, emotional at times but also so deeply human--Isabel Allende was everything that literary fiction writers aren't, can't + don't want to be + that's why I fucking adored her. She was a writer not living nor obsessed with the writerly world. She was free, the very opposite of diplomatic or glib. It was like she was channeling the spirits of her family into her words. It was part reading, part exorcism.

Maybe there's still hope for us yet. . .


Devin said...

She sounds so incredible Jackson! I thank you for talking about her on your blog. I will try to find works by her at the library. I know I have seen that name before. It sounds like a very great evening and a powerful experience! -"part reading and part excorcism" very interesting.
sorry to go off-topic-but I just love your taste in music too! best to you and LB as always and your families and I will look for Isabel Allende!!

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...


Nice to hear from you again. Yeah, she was.

I'm glad you're digging the tunes, I spent many hours making my playlist for my blog. Check out house of spirits. . .

Take care.

Peace, Blessings,