31 December 2009

Some Things I'm Grateful for in 2009

2009 has been an amazing year as far as years go. So good in fact that I won't (can't) expect 2010 to match 2009, even though technically it is my year since I'm a tiger, according to Chinese astrology, and this is the Year of the Tiger. I have a great feeling about 2010. I do. But first I wanted to list some of the things I'm most grateful in an amazing year. Here's an abridged list:

Things I'm Particularly Grateful for in 2009

1. Riding the TGV for the first time

2. Living in Buenos Aires

3. The Paella we ate in Madrid

4. Roaming around Geneva

5. Eating Thai food in Paris on my birthday

6. Exploring La Rambla + capturing the human pyramids in Barcelona

7. Walking on the boardwalk in Sitges

8. Getting lost in Montmartre repeatedly

9. Getting into USC's PhD program in Literature + Creative Writing

10. Spending the summer in Chicago

11. Working with Aimee Bender + TC Boyle

12. Getting stories accepted in Fiction, Notre Dame Review + ZYZZYVA.

13. Finally getting my hardcopies of my story that was published in Stand Magazine

14. Finding + landing our new apartment in Hollywood, that I absolutely fucking love

15. LB finally joining me in the West Coast

16. Wonderful, contradictory, mysterious, elusive LA

17. The wonders of technology, specifically, my iPhone

18. Spending my first Thanksgiving + New Years with my mom + brother at our home in LA

19. Watching Boston College lose twice: once against Notre Dame in the regular season + a second time against SC in the Emerald Bowl

20. Living five blocks from Cinerama, the Palladium, four great cafés, the Hollywood Farmers Market + five minute by car from Trader Joe's

21. My graduate stipend (twice as much as my ND one)

22. Being able to recreate myself in LA

23. The Invention of the Blog

24. TC Boyle telling me that my writing has moments of transcendent beauty

25. Aimee Bender telling me that my writing has a sparkle to it

26. Vegan orange chicken at Bulan

27. Guapíssima enchanting charming loving multifarious pure loving gracious stylish evolving mysterious playful indelible LB

28. The colors blue + yellow (Argentina, the coastline, the LA sky)

29. The simple joy + satisfaction of buying fresh green tea + a Japanese tea pot

30. Witnessed history in the making twice as Obama was elected president of the United States of America

31. Finally visited Morocco for the first time

32. That both my and LB's family are in good health + basically happy mashallah

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Andrea said...

Sounds like a great year. CONGRATULATIONS on your publications! Those are some pretty good credits. ^^