18 May 2010

Royalty + Glitz (Marunouchi + Ginza)

LB + I walked so much today our shoes were smoking by the time we were finished. But what a fucking great adventure today has been!

One good thing about staying in West Shinjuku is that we're exactly half a block from the 丸の内 line of the Tokyo Metro, which is here:

I've looked So Much at this Sign that My Neck Hurts

Beautiful LB Looking at Me in the Subway

Torii 1

I Found this Foto Less Interesting than. . .

This one


LB + I Ate a Little Lunch Looking at This

Shinto Shrine 1

For Shinto Workshop + Prayers

Shinto Shrine 2

Prayers, Wishes + Hopes Written on Tiny Pieces of Paper

Torii 2

Entrance to the Yasukuni Jinja


Torii 3

Torii 4

Stroll Towards the Imperial Palace

Stroll 2

Entrance 1 of the Imperial Palace East Garden

Entrance 2 of the Imperial Palace East Garden

Imperial Palace East Garden 2

Imperial Palace East Garden 2. Note the Japanese Women Admiring the Flowers in Bloom

Imperial Palace East Garden 3

Nippon Budokan

Imperial Palace East Entrance 3

Break Time! Here's an Adorable Little Chocolate Café We Found on Our Way to Marunouchi. It's Called the 100% Chocolate Café (They Make their Own Chocolate Too)

Cute Shit, Man

Yo, We Killed These Drinks in 6 Seconds


When LB + I Found this Little Slice of Health Food/Organic Produce Heaven, We Almost Cried. LB Shouted: Fruit! Now We Can Eat Healthy

4 Bucks for Organic Bananas is Totally Worth it

We Walked down this Little Alley to Find. . .

The Brown Rice Café

LB, Pondering the Yen-Dollar Exchange Rate

Outside Tables


Our Food Was Light + Yummy: Curry Rice, Miso Shiru, Salad, Tempura, Fantastic Furikake Too (All Vegan Too--Not like Last Night)

You Can't Go to the Brown Rice Café without Genmaicha

Back to the Subway

Entering Ginza, Motherfuckers!

Still Trying to Figure out What the Suprise is

Ginza Lights 1

Ginza Lights 2

Ginza Lights 3

Ginza Lights 4

Ginza Lights 5

Ginza Lights 6

Ginza Lights 7

Ginza Lights 8

Ginza Lights 9

Ginza Lights 10

Ginza Lights 11

Ginza Lights 12

Ginza Lights 13

Ginza Lights 14

Break Time: Inside Books Fukuya Bookstore, LB Showed Me a Book on Making out in Japanese. I Thought the Many Verbs on Undressing was Especially Interesting

Ginza Lights 15


C(h)ristine said...

i <3 Japan/Tokyo. wish i could go back! thank you for sharing, so i got a taste of your experience! radness.

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

You should come back CZ. I had no idea how amazing Japan was--sadly--but Tokyo has jumped to the top-3 cities on my list. I love it here.

beachboundbella said...

what an amazing little adventure you guys are about to embark on. I am so happy for you & LB! You both radiate with such a beautiful energy, and together its magical. enjoy Tokyo, another place on my travel wish list. I can't wait meet up with you two hopefully in July for LB's bday in san francisco! happy journey, light &love

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

ditto mrs. thang. san fran will be a great place to kick it + talk stories of travel (both imaginary + real). besos + love to you + ed.