21 May 2010

Pagodas, Tiny Streets + Reincarnation (Asakusa, Ueno + Yanaka)

LB + I went to Asakusa to see the five-story Pagoda (Sensoji Temple), then we wandered through Ueno Park, watched clowns dancing with hats, passed a million Shinto Shrines + Buddhist Temples, got lost a million times trying to find the famous Tennoji Buddha (made of copper + built in 1690), but also discovered a quiet, charming, totally tranquil neighborhood with tiny streets (Yanaka), one of the few places to remain unscathed by the firebombing of Tokyo during WWII. Then, we finally made it to this small, hut-like vegetarian restaurant in Harajuku called Mominoki. Toes, start pulsating!


上野や上野公園 (Ueno + Ueno Park):

谷中 (Yanaka):

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