11 May 2010

Some Things That Make Me Love LA

Incomprehensible Street Signs

A Good Read + Warm Bath

Santa Monica Sunset

LB, As She Truly Is


Faces In Our Vegan Hot Cocoa

LB Dazed

Cafes Named After People

The Hollywood Sign

Birthdays, Especially With Homemade Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Reading A Short Story for FFC/Habi Arts/Kundiman

The Vanguard of the Flying Fists Collective

Vegan Fried Chicken + Tofu Eggless Salad

The Grove During The Holidays, Preferably At A Distance

A Bunny In The Middle of Bustling Hollywood

Blurry City Snapshots, Especially In Little Tokyo

Zoe + LB Sleeping Like Sardines


Kara Garbe said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

So welcome, Kara. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I really appreciate that.