19 May 2010

System Overload: Roppongi + Harujuku

We stopped by Yodobashi today so I could buy a new digital camera (my reliable Olympus, the one I bought back in 2006, finally went kaput, but after giving me 9,000 thrilling pictures of New York, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam + Marrakech, to name only a few--オリープすさん、ありがとうございます!).

Then LB + I walked around Roppongi before wondering through Roppongi Hills, which, as it turns out, weren't hills at all (silly literal Americans!), but actually a steel-constructed shopping center. Then, after walking to the Tokyo Tower + then getting lost trying to make our way to Asakasa in the rain, we took the subway to Harajuku sans Gwen Stefani. The weather sucked ass for people watching + cosplayer ethnography (Saturday!), but the time spent at the Oriental Antique Market + Kiddy Land (all six floors ofit!), was the perfect contrast of sedated/touristy + bright, loud, pulsating/Japanese we wanted. With a few pit stops at Roppongi arcades, a 20 and older café + a pharmacy at the Nishi-shinjuku subway, were tiny moments of shhh. My feet, on the other hand, are fucking killing me + they don't see things the way I do, which is sad because I really loved today's sensory overload.

Shinjuku to buy a camera:

Then to Roppongi:


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