22 May 2010

東京の女子 Tokyo Girls + Otakutopia

Today, LB + I finally made it to Yoyogi Park, where we saw the famous Meiji Shrine + watched two separate Shinto weddings, one after another--an auspicious sign, if ever there was one for a newly-wed couple. Then, after eating amazing Bento boxes, some maguro + takoyaki for lunch (yes, we did the macrobiotic switch)+ wandering through random sidestreets in Harajuku, the Omotesando Hills (another mall) and the famously busy + ever-happening Takeshita Street (where many of the class Harajuku stores are), LB + drank some tea + watched pedestrians strutting by on Omotesando Dōri, eventually making our way to the Loving Hut. Unfortunately, the Loving Hut was closed almost 3 hours before its posted closing time (making it the second vegan joint in Tokyo to close ahead of time). So, we opted for more sashimi at a Yakitori (explain that contradiction, Sherlock) + then we took the subway to Akihabara where I bought some manga of big-breasted detectives + futuristic gangs (no hentai, unfortunately). Then, it was finally time to come home.

(Yoyogi Park):

原宿の女子 (Harajuku Girls):

秋葉原 (Akihabara):

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