26 November 2010

LA: A Cultural Study of Paradoxes--Football, Beaches, Elvis + Indie Rock

I've been crazy busy with classes, working on my second novel + teaching, but LB + I still find time to enjoy our life in the city of dirty angels, starfuckers + OG's. Here's a recent (and very modest) highlight reel of a few good moments in LA in the past few months:

Seeing Inception at the Arclight Theater

Studying, So Much Studying

Gogo! + Zoe, Chilling with their Daddy

One of the Many Markings of Venice

The Skatepark in Venice

Strolling down Venice Beach

The Warm August Water

Somewhere, There's Bound to be a Dirty Syringe

Part of Venice Folklore


Beautiful, Funky, Pretty, Dirty Venice Beach

First SC Football Game (v. Virginia)

LB, Who is the Only Woman in Focus in My Life

SC Marching Band

Holla Back!

Before it All Began

Melrose with No Fucking Traffic Whatsoever (Okay, this was right after The AIDS Walk, but Still)

Union Square at Night

Funny +/or Creepy Billboards

Going to Our First Show at the Wiltern

Our Tix

Stars 1

Stars 2

Stars 3

Stars 4

Stars 5

After Meeting up with Ivory at Pure Luck for Jackfruit Burritos, LB + I Got Some Vegan Ice Cream at Scoops + Walked around the Hood

Elvis in Hollywood + Highland, Waiting for the Bus

One of my Favorite Times in LA, Something so Subtle + So Easily Overlooked: Softened Skylight, Just as the Sun Sets

A Chapter from My Novel, BLANK at Borders--Holla!

Zoe + Momma, One of their Last Moments before We Got Gogo!, Our Pomchi

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robert said...

Jackson, I took a picture of the predator sculpture when I saw it too! I tried sending this email to your ObieWeb ID, but I have doubts it'll work. I found the link to your blog, then perused it. I don't mean to be alarming, but we seem compatible(of course, we ARE both Latin men(Soy Peruano) willing to live in Northern Ohio for four years) I hope that sending this isn't out of line or of much too short notice.

Dear Mr. Bliss,

I was extremely pleased to find your name on the Oberlin College and Conservatory LinkedIn group. I am a second year Oberlin student studying playwriting and Comparative American Studies. Though I am not a conservatory student, I do study drum kit with conservatory guidance and play often around campus for house parties and other concerts.

I apologize for contacting you now. Recently my plans for residence in Los Angeles (made three months in advance) fell through. My advisor, T.S. Mcmillin if you may know him being a recent graduate, advised me to check the alumni network. My search found you listed in Los Angeles and willing to house students over Winter Term.

My reason for staying in LA is an internship with a well respected Ensemble Theatre Company in Atwater Village(if you live very far from there it's fine I will use public transportation and I will probably have access to a car). Not only is it an opportunity to work with professional theatre, but to interact with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Kazan (Reversal of Fortune, Matilda). My internship takes place from January 7-31 working on the world premiere of his new play.

If you would be willing to put me up I promise that I will act as self-sufficient and resourceful often demanded of those who attend Oberlin. I.E. I'll never ask for anything. Although, if it isn't crass, I would love for the experience of living with a writer to supplement my learning experience.

If it is possible for you to house me for even a week, please get back to me at your next earliest convenience. Thank you so much for your time and any consideration.

Robert Salazar