10 July 2010

A Berkeley Primer

The past 8 weeks in Berkeley have been a nasty little blur of anime, video games, sleep deprivation + kanji, thanks in great part to the intensive Japanese class I'm taking at UCB that has been faithfully kicking my ass since the very first day of class onward. I'd like to blame my Japanese class--because it makes me feel in control--for well, practically everything, but the reality is that I choose to do this. And 300 kanji later, I'm pretty fucking happy I did too. A few highlights of my time here:

1. Losing 10 hours a day to the djinni of intensive language study (3 hours of class, 1 hour of walking to and from class, 6 hours of homework, often more)

2. Berkeley's Farmers' Market, which might very be the best organic farmers' market I've ever seen. Not only that, but you can buy 6 vegan taquitos (flautos) with spicy avocado salsa, the best ripe, hand-picked strawberries + salads with edible flowers in them. Amazing

3. Meeting up with my homeboy, Romeo, from Chicago after sixteen fucking years. Can you believe that shit? We also met up with Xanthie at Souley Vegan in Oakland, a friend of mine (read: exgirlfriend), also from Chicago, who moved to San Francisco after living in Paris for 4 years. Ai, ¿qué chico es el mundo, sabes?

3. My Roommates, Ivory + Jonathan. Jonathan writes a song every single day (one of which was used in the beginning of an Apple conference defending the iPhone 4, which earned him interviews from the LA Times, The Times of London + the Wall Street Journal, among others). Ivory creates amazing dishes out of half-empty fridges, makes her own clothes + dresses like a Harajuku anime character from another universe. She's like my hoppa sister

4. Watched the Lakers win it all in a bar filled to the brim with pasty-faced, toe-white Celtics fans, some of whom were muttering, "Kobe can't say shit until he wins a fifth ring, that's all I'm saying." I beat the walls so loud when the Lakers finally won I bruised my hands. Some shit man. . .

5. Explored San Francisco with LB (stay tuned)

Here are the pics: