19 January 2011

1/2 Marathons, Giant Macaroni + Christmas in LA

Another Great--and by that, I Mean, Heartbreaking--Game at the LA Coliseum

Go Trojans, Go

Zoe, Helping Gogo! Process his First X-Mas at Our House

Torture = Love, Everyone Knows That

Our First Christmas Tree

Our First X-Mas Stockings

Gogo! Looking Bewildered

Zoe, Looking Bewildered

The Pooches, Scavenging through the Christmas Ruins

Ah, Nothing like a New Book!

My Mom Loving the Surf Calender my Brother Gave Her

Wick, Zoe, Mom, All Looking in Different Directions

Twirling Gogo! = Love

Runners Waiting to Pee before the 1/2 Marathon Started

LB Saying: Fuck, Do We Have To Run All That?


Holla Back, Baby Boo

Okay, not the Best Time. But in all Fairness, We Got Stuck in the back of the Pack because of the Long Pee Line

I Love You, Little Medal, so Much I Could Eat You

Dehydration is Serious Business

Enjoying a Nice Vegan Breakfast after the Run

Civil War inside the House

A Pic I Sent LB on her Phone to Make her Laugh (in Case You're Wondering, that's One of Zoe's Plastic, Pink Bones)

Hollywood + Highland Macaroni Art

Lights in Downtown LA


livelaughloveandrun said...

Great job on the half!! I hope that your legs weren't too sore afterwards!! Are you planning a new one? They are addicting!

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

Hey, thanks! Actually, my legs weren't that sore, but my fucking foot was killing me. I already had plantar fasciitis before the race, but I was like fuck, it's now or never, I have to do this! So I did + I'm so glad.

Definitely: We'll be running another 1/2 marathon in the next year. My goal is to run 2 a year. It's the perfect distance + you don't have to consume all of sunday on your long run. What about you?