17 March 2011

Trying to Volunteer for the Red Cross of Japan

Since LB + I have been planning on go to Japan this summer for awhile now, we've talked about finding a way to volunteer or help in some way with the massive humanitarian crisis there, so I wrote the Red Cross of Japan last night to see if they needed volunteers for mid-May. Here's the letter I sent:

dear sir/madam,

my wife + i are planning on coming to japan sometime in may. we were wondering whether you might need any volunteers + whether you can train those who have not volunteered for the red cross before? she's a RN + i speak a little Japanese. i realize you're terribly busy right now, but we wanted to see what we could do to help. please write back when you can. i completely understand if it takes you a little while to get back because of the enormous humanitarian crisis in japan. it goes without saying: please focus on helping the Japanese people first + write back only when it's convenient for you.

i wish you luck with everything you must tackle in these trying times.

peace, blessings,

--jackson bliss

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