16 April 2011

A Photographic Journal of a Weekend Bohemian

Being in a PhD programs means lots + lots of reading, more reading than you can possibly deal with. You read until the words start gagging you. But since the weekend is the only time I get to spend quality time with LB, often I take my show on the road. In that light, restaurants, museums + cafés in LA start to have a whole new meaning.

Only Jeff Koons Would get Paid Thousands of Dollars by LACMA for Sticking a Bug Raft into a Ladder

For Some Odd Reason, this Made Me Think of Gangland

This, However, I'll Defend

My Broken Egg World Reflected back at Me

This is When I Realized I was over Jeff Koons

2 Minute Hate, or the old MTV Logo?

Somehow, this is Connected to the Cultural Amnesia of the West Coast


What's Really Cool about this Installation is that if You Took 20 pictures in Three Second Intervals, You Would have a Different Picture Every Time

Depends on Who the Author is. . .

Aimee Bender Showed Me This + I was transfixed. It's Two Miniature Elevators, Both of Which work: the Doors Open and Close at Different times, the Elevators Go up + down Floors at Different Speeds, Sometimes Lingering on a Floor for a Second. When We Got on Our Hands + Knees + Looked up inside the Elevators, They even Looked real.

Maybe It's Narcissistic (Don't Hate), but the Natural Light outside was Perfect for a Self-Portrait

The Wilshire Entrance of LACMA

The Breezeway at LACMA

LB + I Ate Dinner at Café Gratitude when they were a Million Indie Songwriters Getting Drunk on Organic Wine + Talking Really Loud. This is a Picture of a Bunch of People (Jason Mraz + his lyricist, being two of those people) Dancing + Singing Happy Birthday

Meanwhile, back at our K-Town Apartment, Zoe is Busy Pondering the Meaning of the Universe as Philosophy Pooch

Downtown LA

I Think There was a Huge Pillowfight Last Night

One of the Random (Read: Sweet) Messages My Students Left for Me on the Blackboard

Gogo! + Zoe, each with His/Her Own Toy

LB + I Eating at Café Flore in Silverlake

These Eyes Kill Me Every Time

LB Looking Hip at a Barnes + Nobles at the Grove

LB Absorbing the Light at One of Our Favorite K-Town Cafés

Delicious (Expensive) White Tea

The View from the Balcony

LB Fiddling with her iPhone at Bricks + Bitches (Bricks + Scones) Café

A Day in the Halo of Santa Monica

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