12 May 2011

The 8-Step Program: Getting to Beijing

It seems simple enough: LA to Beijing . 1, 2.

But when you factor in dropping off Gogo! + Zoe at my mom’s place in North County + taking a shuttle to LAX + the Beijing International Hotel, the schematic changes to this:

1. LA to Solana Beach (driving)

2. Solana Beach to LA (driving)

3. LA to Chez Nous (driving)

4. Chez Nous to Air Park LAX (driving)

5. Air Park LAX to LAX (shuttle)

6. LAX to Vancouver (flying)

7. Vancouver to Beijing Airport (flying)

8. Beijing Airport to Beijing International Hotel (shuttle)

That's 8 steps from our apartment in K-Town to our hotel in Dongcheng.

Here are some highlights

And here are a few things that needed cultural translation:

1. Our door key is also the thing that turns on the electricity in our room

2. Inside our closet, There's a Gasmask in a Can, in Case of Emergencies, Fires or a Sudden Invasion by the White Barbarian


Franzine Kafka said...

i have seen t he door key before. it's so you don't leave the room with the air and lights on.

also, i've heard about those gas masks! you might need it out in the street.

JACKSON BLISS at 水と魂 said...

Strange thing: The AC stays on without the key card, but the lights don't. It's very energy efficient in that way. The mask, however, was for fires. And there was only one of them, which means that in case of a real fire, it'd become a Sophie's Choice. More to come.