15 May 2011

Blueberry-Flavored Potato Chips + the Summer Palace

Today was simple + satisfying. We went to Henderson’s Shopping Center to buy snacks for lunch (where we discovered that the Chinese like some crazy-ass potato chip flavors) + then we went to the Summer Palace + walked around for hours with blistery feet that kept screaming, too much walking!, too much walking!, before we discovered another beautiful Buddhist temple + a view of Beijing that was stunning + insane + magical.

A few other things I’ve noticed in Beijing:

9. I’ve noticed a lot of hacking, coughing + spitting in Beijing + it's got to be the air pollution. According to the World Bank (an organization I don’t generally like quoting in any capacity), 16 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in China. If you think about it, that’s a lot of phlegm for one country.

10. The Chinese stare. Alot. I’ve noticed quite a few dudes copping my style or looking at my tats. I’ve seen old women glance at my Japanese poem tattoo on my forearm. And I’ve also noticed a lot of Chinese girls staring at LB, checking out her lashes, her clothes, her skin, her big, beautiful, Peruvian eyes. It’s kinda fascinating, to be honest.

11. I’ve never been in a city before where old people push me as much as they do in Beijing. What’s up with that? Talk about taking advantage of the Confucian hierarchy + the rectification of names.

12. Taxi drivers in Beijing can be nice + they can also be total assholes. Two days ago, we were carrying groceries + I asked two taxi drivers in row if they’d take us to our hotel + they shook they head + kept talking. When I thought I was overreacting, our friend Anne Li said: No, they’re notorious for that.

Here are the pics of your day:

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