29 December 2011

First Day in Osaka

After an exhausting 24 hours of travel, which included driving from K-Town to LAX (with 3 hours to kill), flying from LAX to Beijing (with 4 hours to kill + a nasty chill pouring in through the glass in the terminal), Beijing to Osaka, taking the Haruka Limited Express to Tennoji, the JR Osaka Kanjyo to Kyobashi + then asking for directions like 10 times, we finally made it to our hotel. But that's the short version. Here are a few photos:

Waiting for the Haruka Train

Kansai Airpot

Aboard the Haruka

Radiant LB

Kansai Countryside

Kansai Countryside 2

On the JR Osaka

LB, Contemplating her Existence

Walking around Shiromi + Katamachi

Inside a Shopping Mall, Still Trying to Understand What the Hell We Were Looking at

Nothing like Your First Bowl of Hot Shrimp Tempura Soba on a Cold Night in Japan

Amazing: A Café/Store where You Pay to Hang out with Dogs

LB Doing her Ramen Grin

Back in the Hotel

I Fucking Loved this Elevator

About to Collapse, but First:

A Foto of Osaka at Night

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