26 December 2011

Last LA Blog Entry of 2011

Recent highlights of life in LA include: A visit from the SWAT Team, awesome homemade ramen, a bath + a book, tortured pooches dressed up as elves + reindeers, USC football, our beautiful Christmas tree, getting stranded at The Grove (yet again) + much, much more!

Tomorrow, LB + I are taking a midnight flight to Ōsaka--we're so fucking stoked about going back to Nippon we could scream. Anyway, It seems like only a few weeks ago that we'd bought our tickets, made our hotel reservations + only a few months before that I'd made contact with Eikichi, my cousin on my sobo's side, + Megumi, his amazing wife, for the first time. Suddenly, we've accelerated through the holiday blur, passed through Christmas + now we're preparing for our vacation to Kansai. So, before we leave tomorrow night for Japan (where I will, of course, post pics of Osaka, Nara + Kyōto), I want to post one more LA entry for 2011 before the new year begins. So here goes:

Sometimes when It's Really Cold Outside, it's Best to Take a Warm Bath + Read

LB in Silverlake

Almost Got Run Over by the Trolley

Look, It's an Edible Gingerbread Land with Lifesize Elf Tourists!

What Do These Magazines Tell You about Me?

NCAA, You Can't Take This Away from Us, Motherfuckers!

Counting Touchdowns

Bright Lights, Saturday Night

People Tailgating on Campus

The Score Says it All

SC Fans Going Crazy

Pic # 1 of the SWAT Team in Front of Our Apartment

Pic # 2 of the SWAT Team in Front of Our Apartment

Things for Field Exams: A Book, Ocha (Mug) + Water

Zoe + Gogo! Looking Depressed for the Holidays

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree

Note The Home-made Snowflakes LB + I Made

At Iota Café, Listening to Christmas Music, Watching K-Pop Videos Playing on the Wall

This is What Homemade Ramen Looks like, People

Is this a Fucking DMV, or a Drive-Thru Fast Food Joint?

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