21 September 2011

Highlights of a LA Summer (Part 2)

I'm particularly grateful at how mild the weather's been in LA overall. With only a week or two of 90-degree weather + absolutely no days in the 100's, I couldn't have have asked for a better summer in LA, the ozone + particle pollution + the insane, irrational + dangerous traffic + the lingering heat in our old apartment in K-Town notwithstanding.

Here are some more highlights:

Going to the Horse Races in Del Mar with Mom

Kitchen shot of our Place

Office Shot of Our Place

Gogo! + Zoe Waiting for Their Morning Walk Treat

Gogo! Portrait

Zoe Portrait

The Gang's All Here

My Summer Obsession with Macross Frontier

Dinner in Echo Park

LB's Radiant Smile

After a Little Walk, This Vista from Angeleno Heights

LB + the Mural in Echo Park

LB + the Ghetto Blaster

LA Mural

Sage Vegan Bistro (Try the Club Sandwich, it's Fucking Amazing)

Aren't They?

One of the Strange (Wonderful) Windows in Echo Park

This is the Kinda Shit You See in WeHo

Fight On, Motherfuckers!

The SC v. Minnesota Game

Goodbye Party for Emily + Nick at the Cat + the Fiddle in Hollywood

Great Fucking Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Neko Case

Sharon Van Etten, Who Is Now One of My Favorite Indie/Folk Singers

Holla Back at Electric Karma