31 October 2011

Stunning Skylines, Epic Football Games, Vegan Nirvana + Beautiful 1/2 Marathons

Let's DO this

Our (Exhausted) Joy before the Race

Warming Up

My Gangsta I-just-Finished-My-1/2-Marathon Running Pose

My Not-So-Impressive Time--but Who the Fuck Cares?

Ahh, Here I Am


One of the Best Vegan Taco Salads I've Eaten (+ I Made this Bitch)

LB Laughing to Herself at the Bourgeois Pig Café

Locali Makes One of the Most Amazing Breakfast Sandwiches in the Whole Fucking World. Even Better: It's fucking CALLED the Badass Vegan Breakfast Sandwich. Eating This Was like Getting the Egg McMuffin Back in My Life

Fight On, Beautiful Bug!

LB + j1b = LB2J or B2Lj or Whatever

Late Night Game at LA Memorial Coliseum

The Restlessness that Comes from Watching a Triple Overtime Game

And of Course, a Teletubby

Wait!: Is that the Japanese V for Victory Pose? SC's Fight On? Or Peace?

A Technique for Counting Touchdowns

Indian Food at Electric Lotus in Los Feliz

The LA Sky during Our One Day of Rain

Double Rainbow in K-Town


Gogo! in a Sailor Costume + Zo in a Princess Sweater