03 January 2012

Lights, Kimonos + Shrines of Kyōto

Considering how amazing it was spending time with my Japanese family, leaving Ōsaka was a bummer. It was sad times, man, it really was. But after getting over our initial shock that it was only ¥400 per ticket to travel from Ōsaka to Kyōto on the Keihan line, we walked from the Sanjo station, checked in our luggage at the wrong hotel (which was called the Kyoto Royal Park Hotel + we were looking for the Kyoto Royal Hotel + Spa), bought some nori senbē, ate a fantastic lunch of udon, osushi + tenmpura, then returned to the wrong hotel to reclaim our luggage before realizing we were in the wrong hotel, then after getting directions from the kind woman behind the counter, we walked to the right hotel, checked in, dropped off our bags + then took the subway to Heian Jingu Shrine + gave donations, clapped + bowed our heads, received goshūin calligraphy stamps in our booklets + then took the subway back to the City Center, walked around Nakagyo-ku + smelled yakitori + shabu shabu joints, explored the Kyoto Marui (Oioi) department store before settling for a light dinner + going to bed early.

Pictures from Lunch:


Heian Jingu Shrine:

Walking around Nakagyo-ku:

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