02 May 2012

Giving Some Love to (U)SC

(U)SC has been extremely good to me.  Not only was I given the enormous privilege of working with  famous writers like TC Boyle, Aimee Bender + Percival Everett, but I was also given the privilege of working with prominent scholars like Bill Handley, Viet Nguyen + David Lloyd.  In other words, for three years now, I was paid to write fiction,  read some of the greatest works of literature in the English language, work with some of the most respected scholars in the fields of Asian American literature + the literature of the American West + work with rockstar writers too.  I may have earned my spot in my this program, but it has still been an amazing privilege to develop both intellectually, professionally + creatively while working on my PhD.  So, now that I've passed both my field + oral exams, + now that I'm a PhD candidate instead of just a PhD student, I wanted to give props to my school for giving me the critical/creative space to evolve as an artist, an intellectual + a professor.  I don't know where this experience will lead either academically or artistically, but I'm so fucking grateful for the time I've spent here in LA.

Here are a few of the things I'll definitely miss:

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