10 June 2012

Final LA Blog Entry in Photo Montage

As a photographic supplement to my last entry where I gave awards for many of the things I love/dislike the most about LA, this time I'm including a photo montage of some of my favorite places in LA, a sort of visual love song of my time in this fast, dirty, beautiful, glitzy, smoggy, insane, self-inventing, sunny, funky, hyperreal, impossible, delirious, dynamic, idiosyncratic, overhyped, make-believe, bright, vivid, endearing, colorful, surreal, sexy city of Los Angeles.  So, here it goes:

Eating at the macrobiotic wonder of LA, M Café:
 No Freudian Analysis Necessary:
 Strolling around The Grove:

 Eating Yummy Vegan Thai Food at Vegan Glory:

 Spending Time in Larchmont Village at Café Gratitude:

 Best Vegan Fast Food in LA:

 Watching K-Pop Videos at Iota Café in K-Town:
 Walking around Silver Lake + Eating Vegan Chicken + Waffles at Café Flore

 Exploring Little Tokyo + Filling out a Wish for the Tanabata Festival:

 Beverly Center, Best Seen Blurry:
 Traveling through WeHo:

 Viewing LA from the Griffith Observatory:

 Hollywood (Including a Picture of Our Old Apartment):

 Café Loft, Bilingual Transformers Ad + Prescient Scrabble Game in K-Town:

 Brunch on the Sunset Strip:

 Sunset at Santa Monica:
 Zoe + Daddy:
 LB Trying to Read an Article on Her iPhone at the Bourgeois Pig Café:
 Eating Dinner at the Native Foods in Westwood:
 At the Getty:

 Taking the Expo Line to SC:

 Eating Raw Food at Cru, Hipster B-Ball + Kicking it at the Casbah Café in Silver Lake

 Driving through K-Town at Dusk:
 My Oral Exam Date Circled on My Calendar:
 Zoe Looking Photogenic at Home:
 Random Pretty in WeHo:
 In a Little Mall in Little Tokyo:
 Sunset at Paper + Plastik Café:
 Union Station:

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