15 June 2012

Our Great Trek from LA back to Chicago

Our trip from LA back to Chicago with all of our shit, the pooches + our Rabbit bumping along in a trailer, was a long, picturesque + profound journey on many levels.  It's so rare that Americans take road trips anymore, in part because cheap flights abound online + also because Kerouac has become something of a lost cause with many college students.  But for us, the inspiration is there, the ode to the sheer physical beauty of America as seen from the highways, remains.  So we finally packed our shit with the help of my brother + then we said goodbye to LA.  It was really sad, actually, but also inevitable.




Suddenly, after you pass the Denver city limits, the mountain range disappears + suddenly you feel like you're in the Midwest, except that you're not.

But then, suddenly, you really ARE in the Midwest.  Nebraska, to be specific 


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