19 March 2012

My Flash Entry of LA

LA is like the bookstore of Babel, divided between languages, genres, aesthetics, format, media, historical periods + authors (that is, each neighborhood or microculture has its own regional identity, sharing space only tangentially but very rarely intersecting culturally, linguistically or materially with its neighbor). This is why if you live in Venice or Westwood, you'll almost never see your friends in Angeleno Heights or Echo Park, not because you live that far from each other, but because psychospatially, those neighborhoods are completely separate, self-sustaining worlds that seem utterly disconnected from your own world, even though they're not.

So, anyway, here's a flash photo entry of some of the places LB + I have been kicking it at for the past several months . . .

Larchmont Village:

Beautiful Random Brick

Culver City:

Walking from Dinner

Like an Oasis

The Culver City Theater

Another Movie Theater in Culver City

Los Feliz:

At My Favorite Café in Los Feliz, Brū Café

Studying for My Field Exams

In Solana Beach:

My Mom's B-Day (And Yes, She Wanted a SC T-shirt)


Walking up Western Avenue

Zoe, Looking Pensive

Gogo! Wondering Why He's Standing Next to the Soy Yogurt

The Quietest Part of the Day

LB's Holter Monitor, Making Her Look like a Suicide Bomber

At the Wilshire/Vermont Subway Station

Nouveau K-Town


LB, Thinking about Her Food at RFD

At the Grove

Downtown LA:

Another Day in LA, with 20 Sheriffs Arresting People

Going back Home

Local Art at 7th Street Metro

Fortunately, the Wrong Train


At Muse Café

Near Hollywood + Highland

LB, Radiant + Adorable at the Golden Mean Café

At Arclight to See "The Descendants"


Inside the Cinerama to See:

[La Séance était très awesome]

On Campus at SC:

Walking around SC's Film School

Santa Monica:

Quintessentially Santa Monican

At the Funnel Mill Café

The Perfect Chinese Green Tea Set

At the Converse Flagship Store to Check out My Friend (Jimmy Danko)'s Dope Installation

3rd Street Promenade

The Barfing Dinosaur


LB, Dazed with Shopper's Frenzy

Funky, Classic Neon


Where UCLA Students Go for Consolation after Losing to SC 50-0 at the Coliseum

Okay, I Admit it: UCLA's Adjacent Campus is SO Much Nicer than SC's It's Not even Fair

Tired/Bored/Happy with My Life

18 March 2012

Road Trip to Santa Barbara

LB + I decided to take a little road trip to Santa Barbara during Spring Break.  Mostly, because SB is fucking beautiful, but also because we wanted to take advantage of where we live while we still live in LA.  Also, TC Boyle (my thesis adviser at USC) lives nearby + after he told me to stop by his (Frank Lloyd Wright) house to drink wine + kick it with some of his friends, which you can read all about here on my other blog, Blue Mosaic Me,  I felt like I definitely had to go.  I mean, when one of the most famous living short story writers/novelists tells you to stop by his house + get tipsy on red wine, you fucking go.  Anyway, here are our pics: