15 June 2012

Our Great Trek from LA back to Chicago

Our trip from LA back to Chicago with all of our shit, the pooches + our Rabbit bumping along in a trailer, was a long, picturesque + profound journey on many levels.  It's so rare that Americans take road trips anymore, in part because cheap flights abound online + also because Kerouac has become something of a lost cause with many college students.  But for us, the inspiration is there, the ode to the sheer physical beauty of America as seen from the highways, remains.  So we finally packed our shit with the help of my brother + then we said goodbye to LA.  It was really sad, actually, but also inevitable.




Suddenly, after you pass the Denver city limits, the mountain range disappears + suddenly you feel like you're in the Midwest, except that you're not.

But then, suddenly, you really ARE in the Midwest.  Nebraska, to be specific 


10 June 2012

Final LA Blog Entry in Photo Montage

As a photographic supplement to my last entry where I gave awards for many of the things I love/dislike the most about LA, this time I'm including a photo montage of some of my favorite places in LA, a sort of visual love song of my time in this fast, dirty, beautiful, glitzy, smoggy, insane, self-inventing, sunny, funky, hyperreal, impossible, delirious, dynamic, idiosyncratic, overhyped, make-believe, bright, vivid, endearing, colorful, surreal, sexy city of Los Angeles.  So, here it goes:

Eating at the macrobiotic wonder of LA, M Café:
 No Freudian Analysis Necessary:
 Strolling around The Grove:

 Eating Yummy Vegan Thai Food at Vegan Glory:

 Spending Time in Larchmont Village at Café Gratitude:

 Best Vegan Fast Food in LA:

 Watching K-Pop Videos at Iota Café in K-Town:
 Walking around Silver Lake + Eating Vegan Chicken + Waffles at Café Flore

 Exploring Little Tokyo + Filling out a Wish for the Tanabata Festival:

 Beverly Center, Best Seen Blurry:
 Traveling through WeHo:

 Viewing LA from the Griffith Observatory:

 Hollywood (Including a Picture of Our Old Apartment):

 Café Loft, Bilingual Transformers Ad + Prescient Scrabble Game in K-Town:

 Brunch on the Sunset Strip:

 Sunset at Santa Monica:
 Zoe + Daddy:
 LB Trying to Read an Article on Her iPhone at the Bourgeois Pig Café:
 Eating Dinner at the Native Foods in Westwood:
 At the Getty:

 Taking the Expo Line to SC:

 Eating Raw Food at Cru, Hipster B-Ball + Kicking it at the Casbah Café in Silver Lake

 Driving through K-Town at Dusk:
 My Oral Exam Date Circled on My Calendar:
 Zoe Looking Photogenic at Home:
 Random Pretty in WeHo:
 In a Little Mall in Little Tokyo:
 Sunset at Paper + Plastik Café:
 Union Station: