31 December 2012

My Flash Entry of Chicago Leading up to the New Year

These past six months have been especially insane.  Ever since LB, the pooches + I left LA, drove across the country back to Chicago (our city), things have been beautiful, dramatic + intense.  Add to that my dissertation (I'm writing the last chapter as we speak), assembling our new apartment in Rogers Park one piece of furniture at a time, applying to creative writing fellowships, almost getting killed in a hit + run on our block, applying to a bunch of teaching jobs in Chicago, 10 days LB spent in the hospital--and suddenly you have 6 accelerated months that raced by like glider.  So, to help you catch up with our life since our return to Chicago, here's an accelerated photo montage of the past 4-5 months.  Bon apétit!

One of my first El Rides back in the City

Walk through the Loop in the Hot Hot Hot Chicago Summer
Having a picnic at Millenium Park
Beautiful Lake Michigan.  The Lake that Looks like an Ocean
The Best El Stop in Chicago!  I Always Wondered Where I was!
Graffito in Wicker Park
LB Gazing at an Installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art
 One of My Fave Paintings Cuz It's like Abstract + Shit
Interactive Window Mosaic
Life in Miniature
Having Tea at Intelligentsia in Lakeview
Ethiopian Food in Edgewater

I Love My City!
Taken from Navy Pier

LB, Wondering about the Intricacies of Stagflation Reform in Post-Keynsian Economic Policy

Gogo!, Looking like a Nun
 Zoe, Looking Graceful as Nature Calls
So Here We Have Lighters, Right Next to School Supplies
Chicago seen from Chinatown
LB about to Open up Her Birthday Presents
Gogo! in My Arms
Summer Rain in Edgewater
Brunch at Karen's Cooked
The Three Stages of Native Foods' Lavender Lemonade according to LB:  

Stage 1:  Sip
Stage 2:  Yum!
Stage 3:  What the Fuck You Looking at, Mofo?
The Hit and Run that Almost Killed Us, Seen the Next Day.  By the Way, this is just One of the Cars Involved (there were three)
Ravenswood El Stop
In Case You Get Lost + You Don't Know Where You are
Nighttime Walk in the Loop
Morse Festival
A Heart Photograph Taken at the Belmont El Station for My Friend Ivory
South Loop
Millenium Park during the Day
The Bean
Pomengranate Sangria in Andersonville
Edgewater Mural

Dinosaur Art in Rogers Park
Homemade Ramen
Late Afternoon Brunch of Vietnamese Sandwiches on Lake Michigan
 Riding the El
Zoe, Basking in the Natural Light
Zoe Giving her Mamá Some Love
Zoe the Orthodox Muslim
Autumn Colors in the Chi during a Long Walk Home
LB Covering Her Face with Lettuce
Shopping on Michigan Avenue
Gogo! as a Pumpkin + Zoe as a Lady Bug

I Voted for this Dude + Cultural Evolution
Before the Movies
City Night Life
Zoe + Gogo! Posing for the Camera
Japanese Lunch in RP
Taking the El in Lakeview
Michigan Avenue during the Holidays
Zoe Posing as Only She Can Pose
Gogo! in His Fancy Tan Turtleneck
Christmas Nutcracker
X-Mas Window
It's an Annual Tradition to Walk down State Street during Christmas time to Look at the Marshall Field's Windows
Our Beautiful Tree
Ah, Beautiful Chicago.  City of Mine.  So Happy to be back