08 September 2013

My Article about Nerd Masculinity Published at the Good Men Project

With a healthy dose of pop culture analysis/cultural theory + autobiography, my article "American Otaku" is now up at The Good Men Project.  In this piece, I begin by talking about the ways in which I felt disconnected from the kids in school + how I eventually realized I was a secret Otaku. Then, I analyze several ways in which nerd/otaku culture has helped to defy male gender stereotypes + create a nuanced, complex definition masculinity that is inherently unviolent + cerebral.  I talk briefly about how being a nerd is cool, the way that otaku/nerds are reaching out to each other through social media + manga conferences, how cosplay allows fans/nerds to perform socially transgressive gender roles + how nerd/otaku culture has helped the world see social awkwardness, eccentricity, intelligence, infatuation + non-violence as being not just feminine qualities, but also masculine ones too.  Lastly, it's a short essay about how nerds are taking over the world!  Just look at ballers + MC's + you'll see that looking/being smart is fucking cool now.  Anyway, if you're interested, take a look at my piece here.

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