04 December 2013

Autumn in the Midwest

Fall in the Midwest can be a glorious thing.  Full of color, cool + crisp mornings, sunset-colored leaves gliding to the ground, changing sunlight.  There's almost always an abundance of apple cider + pumpkins.  For the past three months, LB + I have tried to celebrate the place we live in part because we're not sure where we'll be living next, especially if I'm fortunate enough to get a university job teaching literature, composition + creative writing.  But for now, this autumn has been enough . . .

LB's silhouette at the MCA
The Daniel Clowes Exhibit
Evanston, the Day Before the Northwestern - Michigan Game
Driving from Chicago to Northern Michigan
Driving back to Chicago
LB + Me at the Traverse City Commons
The View from the Ground
Resting in the Leaves
TC Commons
LB Straddling a Stream
At Fia's Quinceañera.  I Mean, Wedding Ceremony.  I Mean, Sweet 16.  I Mean, Baby Shower
The Leaves in Northern Michigan
Another View of the TC Commons
The Sky Above
El Self-Portrait
Major Headache from the Light Bulb in our Bathroom
LB, Still Sleepy
Evanston at Night

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