04 December 2013

My Article about Idiosyncratic Love Published in the Good Men Project

Sometimes, Love is a Strange Song Inside Your Head
In my first novel, BLANK, I introduce the concept of IB (or idiosyncratically beautiful).  Two characters, Suzzanne + her brother's girlfriend Ali, sit around a taquería in Seattle + realize that they don't love people for conventional (or rational) reasons, they love them for the random, sometimes eccentric qualities that are unique to that person, qualities that might be hangups, mistakes, foibles, or talents + abilities, but qualities that are both unique + special that make that person who s/he is.  Both girls realize it's those qualities, not the obvious, more dramatic ones, that often make them fall for someone.

So, with that brief intro, here's a tiny piece I wrote about IB.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you get a second, please leave a comment about the idiosyncratic things you love about your boo/partner/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/secret crush.

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