09 March 2013

In Defense of Visual Poetry

I flew back to LA for my thesis defense.  For people who actually have a life outside of academia--God bless you, everyone--this is pretty much the last stage of your doctorate before you submit your already-finished dissertation to the graduate school for formatting.  Once that's done, you're officially, absolutely, completely done with your PhD.  But LB + I wouldn't have come to LA just for business.  We also wanted to visit some of our favorite haunts in LA too + wax nostalgic about our time in this crazy, majestic, polluted, fantastical little city of self-creators.

Here are a few snapshots of our too-short time back in the place we once called home during my grad school days at USC:

A Stroll through WeHo
Brunch at M Café
Driving from K-Town to WeHo
Driving through South Central
Walking through SC Campus
Right Before My Thesis Defense, LB Giving Me a Dirty Look
My Former Office where I Once Terrorized My Students during Essay Conferences
Doheny Library
Walking past the Tutor Center
Post-Thesis Defense, Feeling Kinda Enlightened.  Okay, Bad Joke.
Driving through Mid-Wilshire
House in Venice
Venice Canals
Venice Shop
Venice House 2
Walking through Abbot Kinney
Bye-Bye for Now, LA.  We'll Be Back