10 June 2013

Chicago Spring 2013 in Pictures

Styling Profiling at Chez Nous
Seeing a Flick in Lincoln Square
Gogo! staring at the Camera Nervously
LB + I, Ordering a Couple Vegan Sandwiches near Roscoe Village
My Fave Café right now in the Loop
LB Bringing Home the Goods (Green Tea)
On my Birthday
LB Making Business Calls during Dinner (Okay, Not Really)
Eating Dinner at Karyn's on the Green
B-Day Gifts
One of My Fave Things to Do:  Walking through the Loop
Bridge through the Sky
LB + I Kicking it with Romeo + Nate at Brothers K Café in Evanston
Random Cool in Lakeview
Tulips on State Street
Zoe + Gogo! waiting for Us to Go to Bed