14 March 2014

A Survey of Mass Transit from Berlin to Prague

Today was a day of continuous travel from Berlin all the way to Prague.  Of course, once we got to Dresden, we couldn't find out connecting train at all on the Abfahrt screen, so I was forced to talk to one of the customer service people in my primitive German.  She didn't speak English either, so I couldn't even bail my ass out out.  Anyway, she told me that our train had been rerouted due to construction, so instead of taking a train to Usti Nad Labem and then transferring a final time, we had to take a bus to Usti instead and then take a train to Praha.  Ah, details.

On the flip side, there was a Biomarkt at the Dresden station, so we stocked up on vegan snacks like too-salty tapenade, Flaxseed bread, fruit juice (my fave), apples, mandarin oranges, paprika potato chips and organic chocolate.  You know, the basics.  After taking a quick bus to Usti where all the passengers were talking in Czech, we took a final train to the Praha Hlavní Nádraži.  Then we pulled our suitcases to Bolzanova Avenue and took the 25 tram to our awesome hotel, The Prague Art Hotel.  Every wall covered in amateurish kitsch.  After turning on the TV (one of my fave things to do in a foreign country), I saw the following things:

1.  Two separate channels dedicated to House music videos.  I kinda loved it

2.  A game show sorta like TV boggle where callers could supposedly win money by correctly spelling unfinished words that were way too obvious.  The funny thing is, no one called in.  The hostess was being completely ignored, so she just stood there with the mic in her hand, shaking her head in disbelief.  Maybe it had something to do with the half-naked woman dancing in the bottom right corner of the screen.  But that's just a guess

3.  Paraplegic hockey

4.  American westerns dubbed in Czech  

At the Dresden Central Train Station

At Berlin's Hauptbahnhof
LB Sleeping on the way to Dresden
Our Location According to My iPhone, Halfway to Prague!
Inside the Dresden Station

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