19 March 2014

Finding Bliss Street and Genius Cafés

Our last day in Europe back in Berlin was foggy and sad.  Part of this was because we couldn't check into our hotel until 3:00pm and our overnight train from Vienna arrived in Berlin around 8 in the morning.  So, we had no choice but to walk around Unter den Linden, buy a few souvenirs, eat a simple "French" breakfast at Café Einstein, walk around some more, find "Bliss Street," which was awesome, then ride the train aimlessly.  Once we'd finally checked in, we took a shower and hung out for awhile before exploring Charlottenburg.  Somehow in our time wasted, we completely forgot about visiting the Charlottenburg Palace.  But that's how your last day on vacation is:  overcast by the time that passed by and overcast by the return of time refound against your will.  It also didn't help that Chicago was fucking cold as shit and the weather in Europe had been mostly awesome.  I suppose I'm grateful for this cold and rainy day.  It helped us make the transition back to America, where Spring is like a month behind the Old World. 

Look, This Street has the same Name as My Family! / Schauen Sie! Diese Straße hat den gleichen Namen wie meine Familie!
Wandering Aimlessly on the Train until We Can Check into Our Hotel in Berlin
Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Unter den Linden
Die Reichstag One More Time
A Light Frühstück at Café Einstein
Café Einstein #2
LB Chillaxing at Our Hotel.  Finally
Going out to Eat Dinner in Charlottenburg
Selfie, Just Because
Strolling through the Affluent Neighborhood of Charlottenburg at Night
Wine . . .
. . . and an Amazing Vegan Dinner at Vaust
The Perfect Way to End our Vacation in Europe
Walking back to the Hotel
Charlottenburg #2
Charlottenburg #3
Unter den Linden
LB at Vaust
Empty U-Bahn Station

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