13 March 2014

In the Mitte of Things

I've always been slightly fascinated with East Germany, but only as a historical tourist.  No real commitment, no endless research or anything like that, but after reading some books on World War II, watching The Lives of Others and spending a long day walking through Alexanderplatz, or The Alex, as Berliners affectionately call it, I'm even more fascinated by East Germany than before.  Spending part of yesterday and almost all of today in Mitte, I find myself wanting to read up on European history all over again.

Anyway, I digress.  Eventually, after exploring Alexanderplatz, taking a gazillion pictures of the Fernzehturm, comparing times between LA, Chicago, Lima, Berlin, Prague and Vienna on the World Clock and walking past Alexanderhaus, LB + I had an intense déj̀a vu of The Bourne Supremacy.  Afterwards, we walked to the cute, bougie part of Mitte before heading to Museum Island where we saw the famous bust of Nefertiti and walls of meticulously written hieroglyphics at the Neues Museum, which was frankly amazing except for the endless tour groups of European teenagers laughing and taking notes for some school project.  We took a few more pics of Museum Island--because it's amazing, even with all the construction going on--and then walked to Kopps, this pricey vegan restaurant in Mitte that got great reviews on Happy Cow for its décor and presentation.  Get the lava cake.  It was absolutely delicious.

Our first hour at The Alex
The Weltzeituhr (World Clock)
Reminded me of a Cosmonaut Space Age
Hipster Flowers
Random Alleys in Mitte
When Mitte Started to Have Its Sway on Me.  (May or May Not Be Related to the Disappearance of the Chainsmoking Hipster in My Last Picture)
Berliner Dom
Museum Island, En Route to the Neues Museum
Hieroglyphic Dedication
Berliner Dom
En Route to Dinner in Mitte
Inside Kopps
Amazing Lava Cake.  Too Bad it Took an Hour to Arrive!
One Last Look at Alexanderplatz

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