17 March 2014

La Nozze di Vienna

Vienna has become one of my fave cities in all of Europe, which is saying something when you consider that I fucking love Barcelona, Amsterdam + Paris.  But somehow, maybe because it's the city of music + also the city of dreams (i.e., psychoanalysis + the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society) or maybe because the Vienna Coffeehouse is actually considered a UNESCO heritage site (and we all know how much I love me some coffeehouses), whatever the reason, I've been in Vienna only two days and it's already one of my fave places.  Here are the deetz, my friends:

Walking to City Center
Everything about Vienna is so clear to me at the end but so blurry and softened by Sepia color tones laterally.  This picture is like the perfect photographic metaphor of my entire time in Vienna
Or Maybe This Foto is a Better Example
A la recherche du temps retrouvé.  In this case, in search of Mozarthaus
The Streets that Mozart Used to Walk through (fine, take a carriage through) on his way to soirées with art patrons + other members of the Viennese nobility
Here it is
Inside Mozarthaus, where he wrote The Marriage of Figaro and a number of important piano concertos (one of which, the 23rd piano concerto in particular, LB + I saw performed at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra the following month for my birthday)
City Centre #1
City Centre #2
City Centre #3
City Centre #4
City Centre #5
City Centre #6
Just a randomly beautiful basilica in Vienna
On Our Way to the Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace #1
Black + White Selfie in Front of the Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Place #2
LB in Front of the Hofburg Palace
The Blurring of Nostalgia + Contemporaneity
Outside of Café Central (One of Many Important Vienna Coffeehouses)
LB Not Waiting for Me to Eat Her Dessert
LB in a Vienna Daze (aka, Waiting for Sweets)
While the black tea was perfect, the absolute masterpiece on this table was the Nuss Kuss, a thin, delicate dessert made with milk chocolate, light, crispy hazelnut wafer and sweet buttercream (yes, this amazing pastry made us VERY unvegan that day, but so goddamn worth it).  This was arguably one of the best desserts I've ever tasted in my entire life.  And that's not hyperbole, by the way
Nice cup of Earl Grey tea for our merienda, giving us flashbacks of our days in Buenos Aires
The décor was Killer Too
Décor #2
Austrian Royalty I'm Too Lazy to Look Up at This Current Moment
Interesting Factoid:  Trotsky and Lenin Used to Play Chess Here Regularly.  Another Interesting Factoid:  Freud and Hitler came here in 1913, Probably to Sample the Nuss Kuss
Where Veganism Comes to Die
Saying Auf Wiedersehen for Now
Love the Bike Sign
Hofburg Palace #3
Some Meta- photography:  Here I am Capturing LB Capturing Our Time in Vienna
Walking through the Hofburg Palace Gate Again Before Dusk
Hofburg Palace #4

Just Before the Sun Sets
Gate Detail
"Go Back to Café Central and Bring Back Three Nuss Küssen, Please!"
A City that Celebrates the Arts in Style
Where the Greatest Pianos in the Whole World Are Made (or at Least Sold)
Walking, Walking, Walking
Crossing the Danube at Night
One of the Best Dinners We Had in Europe at Harvest.
City Centre #7
City Centre #8
City Centre #9

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