16 March 2014

Taking the Train from Prague to Vienna

While traveling through Europe is usually an all-day thing unless you're going from Paris to Benelux, the truth is, sometimes there's nothing I love better than taking the train and just watching towns and countryside race by the window.  There's nothing I love more than just kicking it, eating local snacks, chatting with LB, people-watching passengers, and listening to awesome music on my iPod (in my case, I listened to Mogwai's new album, Revenants, which was like the perfect soundtrack for the trip).  In more ways than I can count, that experience in and of itself can be perfect, even if I have very little to show for it afterwards.  Sometimes, just the act of travel (especially taking the train) is enough to satisfy me.

Leaving Prague
LB, sleepy and pensive
Passing through Břeclav
Lost in Thought
Train Sunset
We Finally Made it to Our Little Boutique Hotel in Vienna
LB full of Bean Strüdel and Green Tea from Fett + Zucker café
The Flower, Like LB's Next Great Idea
Late Night Stroll back to the Hotel
Random Vienna Culture Jam
Peeps Chilling at Fett und Zucker
Now, We Can Finally Sleep

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